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Good Ole Fashion Wrasslin’

With an unfamiliar feeling, I packed my gear hesitantly and set on my way towards Fern Creek not knowing what was going to lie ahead of me.  Driving towards a sport that I had never covered before – I know shocker right?

Alas, it does happen.  I am not the all knowing sports genius you all thought I was.  Give me a break here though all right?  Who wrestles, am I right?


I walked into a gym full of high school boys doing maneuvers, body distortions, and faces that made me even wince at their pain.  I kid you not, I think I stood there for about an hour and a half just watching and listening.  Coaches would be yelling from the corners of mats, referees would be yelling and holding up signals I had no idea what they meant, and this continued on and on.

I was lost, and probably given my facial expressions, totally confused.  However, had to just keep shooting – yes, similar to Dori’s just keep swimming, I know.  My creativity points are a little low tonight, I’m sawry.

Anywho, wrestling definitely was something else.  I may bring some cleaning products and try to keep the mats clean for these boys since their faces are rolling around in who all knows what.  I did prematurely apply to shoot State for wrestling, so I think this was a good little practice because I would have been completely overwhelmed going into state and not covering this before.

Live and learn, learn and grow.

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Trinity vs. Fern Creek


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