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Back To School, Back To School…and Soccer

Ah yes, and thus another school year has begun.  It is crazy because I have been finished with my schooling for two years and I feel like this was probably the quickest summer I can remember.  Maybe it’s the whole “real world” factor that is starting to hit that summer vacations are merely a lost cause once you have a full time job.

Be that as it may, last night was the first time I have been on a high school field in almost three months!  We could not have had better weather for the soccer match up between Christian Academy and St. Xavier.  My action capturing was a little slow in the beginning – perhaps because my capture was still set to a ‘one shot’ capture, oops.  After a little camera adjusting I was well on my way for some great photographs.

To spice up this year and try something a little different, I have placed a new policy on my action photographs.  For the first two weeks, after publishing the full galleries, all photos will be 20% off and then resume regular pricing after.

Here are the links to the full galleries:

jv gallery

varsity gallery

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