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Rocks Fall to Tigers

For those who have already talked to me about this experience, you are allowed to skip down the next few paragraphs and continue reading.  For those you haven’t – listen up if you will.

Last night, I covered the Saint X vs. Trinity basketball series, all three teams played each other at Freedom Hall beginning with the Freshman squad.  We went in early to set up remotes on the two goals and came back ready and prepared to shoot.  The Rocks took both the freshman and JV games and along came the varsity.

Going into the game, the Rocks were ranked No. 3 in the state and Saint X No. 16

The score was tied 24 all at the half and the Tigers started the second half on a quick run and a lead that they didn’t let slip.  As the clock was winding down, I could feel the student section of Saint X inching closer and closer, but thought “they can’t storm the floor, right?”

Oh pish posh.  Did they ever storm the court.

Thankfully we had the right mind to store all unused important photo gear on the side of the court where it would hopefully remain unharmed as the athletic directors of Saint X began moving all the fans to get out of the way of the ever-so-eager student section as they kept inching closer.

We found safety sitting in front of the basketball goal as the clocked continued to count down.

Never in my life will I forget the sound of the hundreds of feet barreling down the arena towards mid-court.  It was a real life stampede similar to the stampede in Disney’s classic, The Lion King.  I now know the trauma poor Simba had to endure while trying to save his life from all these crazies!

In all seriousness, it was a really great and close came even until the final buzzer – stampede and all was enjoyable.  However, one of the Saint X players was rumored to have broken his arm by being on the bottom of the celebration pile on mid-court.

Maybe that will be my first and last stampede, but I am not sure how crazy the state tournament gets.  So we shall see.

In the mean time, please check out my pictures and let me know what you think!

Saint X / Trinity Freshmen Gallery

Saint X/ Trinity JV Gallery

Saint X/ Trinity Varsity Gallery

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